Athena's By Holly - Empowering and Entertaining since 2007
Holly is the best Goddess I have ever had the privelage of working with. She has vauable information about the products she sells and knows her customers needs well. I love my Goddess and though I am out of state i still go back to her!
-Amanda P., Florida
Holly's parties are the best! I've been a hostess for several years and know that when my friends come over for an Athena's party we're all going  to to have a fantastic time, not to mention the free stuff I've earned! She's funny and knowledgable, everything a Goddess should be!
-Riley P.
The first "TOY Party" I had ever been to was Holly's. I was sitting in the shadows of the others who had been to one of these. It didn't take long for Holly to break my shell. She makes you feel welcomed, no question is a dumb question. She explained each novlety toy, and its correct use. At the end of the Party there was no questions about items besides maybe.... Hey is that water proof? I Have since booked 2 parties at my home ONLY having Holly as my Goddess. I have been invited and attended other "TOY Parties" None of them compare, a lot of dry humor and the feeling you couldn't just speak your first thought that came to your mind. Holly makes you laugh so hard you may even snort... sometimes brings tears to your eyes... I like the oportinity to be able to share our stories, and experiences with our favorite Athena Products. Holly gets your list of names and addresses and sends invitations, she does all the hard work for you, making your party more enjoyable. She goes above and beyond to help you feel comfortable, and goes out of her way to get a product for you. I just recently had a party. We all had a great time, my home was filled with wonderful woman, and I heard so many people say Wow she is awesome, best party I've been too. Holly is definatly the go to Goddess! -Stepheny M. Maine
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